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FINE GOLD (9999)

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If you are jeweller or have trade with gems stones and jewellery. You can become our member. You can download the membership form here.

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Federation of Nepal Gold Silver Gems And Jewellery Associations  has been established on 26 Magh 2069 BS.

(8 February 2013) by pioneer businessperson of gem and jewellery business. It is an authorized national level organization of Gem and jewellery businessperson. It has been working as a facilitator to various tasks related to Gem and jewellery sector as well as handling the emerging problems in contemporary situation by unity. This association formed by the experienced businessperson, who has been involved in this field from long time. Rationality behind the establishment of the association to regulate the market, enhance the quality of products, which can be compete the international market. Quality control is one of our prime concerns that is why association is heading towards setting up a well equip gemological lab in the near future, which will issue the quality certification.


Our objectives are mentioned as here in below.

  1. To make unity, cooperation and coordination between the businessperson of Gems and jewellery business, to conduct research and study on the emerging problems of related fields, working as supporting agencies to make rules, regulation and national policy to resolve the emerging problems and take further step for implementation.
  2. To receive the suggestion and cooperation from related agencies of Nepal Government i.e. Geology and Mine Department, Industry and Commerce Ministry, Custom Department, Finance Ministry, Home Ministry to sustainable solution on policy based issues.
  3. Correspondent to national or international organizations for promotion and marketing the Nepalese Gems and jewellery products.
  4. To organize the short and long term training for purification the raw stones or metal.
  5. To provide the ornament makes and artistic materials training on to downtrodden people.
  6. To establish well equipped gemological laboratory for examination and certify the origin and quality of jewels and precious stone.
  7. To take actions to getting facilities for export of raw materials, which are available in Nepal.
  8. To play the significant role to make easier import policy for raw valuable stones, which are not available in Nepal for Lapidary Industries.
  9. To make significant effort to import the necessary machinery or equipments for experiment, purification and other industrial processes.
  10. To make coordination with the government for exporting completely purified jewels and semi jewels as well as precious and semiprecious stones, gold , silver and other ornaments.
  11. To make legal provision to accept the semi precious stones as security transaction in commercial bank as similar to gold, silver. It's against to receive the facilities from the bank to export import of jewel.
  12. To share exchange representatives, ideas, methodologies technologies with the other related organization having similar objectives of national and international level and organize the programs as education trip, research, meetings, symposium, interactions, scholarships program and other prizes distribution opportunities.
  13. To work as pressure group in favor of fair policy on producing and trading precious and semi precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, white gold).
  14. To conduct the research and publish bulletin related with statistics and information of financial state of jewel business and related business.
  15. To establish ethical norms and values for jewel business and make step to operate code of conduct for national and international business.